An exciting job

Technobois will help you reach your professional and personal goals, whether it’s to return to school or enter the labour market. You will learn the work through a positive experience that will give you the tools to be a better employee.

Wanted candidates

Candidates for a production worker position at Technobois must :

  • Be 18 years old or older;
  • Have little or no work experience;
  • Have not attended school for some time;
  • Be motivated to learn concrete methods for improving their present and future situation;
  • Be available to work 35 hours per week;
  • Love teamwork and co-operation.
  • Come and meet us, we are constantly recruiting!

When you come to work for us, you can expect

Work for 26 weeks at 35 hours per week and help finding employment at the end of the experience:

  • Health and safety training at Technobois and on safely using the machinery;
  • Technical training to handle the tools used;
  • Help with your job search and support for finding a job while working;
  • Occupational and personal support is available at all times.

Training to be a sawmill labourer

Since September of 2016, Technobois has offered its workers the chance to obtain a semi-specialized trade certificate as a sawmill labourer.

The 450-hour training course includes:

75 hours of theory on the following themes and activities:

  • Self-awareness
  • Selecting a profession
  • Integration and job retention
  • Professional skills
  • Searching for a job
  • Visiting other company near by
  • Lectures on budgets, communication, personal management, etc.

375 hours of technical training related to the sawmill trade:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Padlocking
  • Operating breakdown, slitting, edging, trimming and other equipment
  • Sorting pieces of wood according to quality criteria
  • Stacking pieces of wood for drying or delivery
  • Completing work area maintenance

The training course is part of the regular 26 weeks. At the end of the 450 hours of training, a semi-skilled trade certificate will be awarded by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur.